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Mathematical Online Web-Services

Model Viewer

Visualize and study your own geometry models. The data files may reside on your local computer or somewhere on the internet. Simply browse your local disk or type the URL of a model using a web form.

Ode Solver

Solve ordinary differential equations interactively. Type the differential equation and drag the initial values.

Root Finder

Calculate the zero points of functions.

Geodesic Surveyor

Measure distances on curved polyhedral surfaces using straightest or shortest geodesic lines.

Algebraic Solver

This level solver computes algebraic surfaces given as zero set of a polynomial function. By Richard Morris and JavaView.

Knot Simplifier

The Knot Simplifier untangles your knots and links. Try on your own knotted wires. By Maria Andreeva, Ivan Dynnikov, Sergey Koval, Iskander Taimanov and JavaView.

Mesh Unfolder

The unfolder allows to unfold any geometry to a collection of planar tiles.

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