JavaViewLib -- A Maple Powertool (v4.00)

JavaViewLib visualizes Maple plots and allows the inclusion in interactive web pages. JavaViewLib is an add-on package for Maple developed in collaboration by Steve Dugaro (Vancouver) and Konrad Polthier (Berlin).

The JavaViewLib v4.00 is now available at the download page.

New Gallery includes a listing of new features and more than 100 examples compares Maple and JavaView renderings and shows how reliable your Maple plots can be transferred to interactive web-based plots. Source code of the gallery is provided in workshop geometryPlots.mws which is contained in the distribution package.

The documentation is going online. See the improved GettingStarted section. An overview of JavaViewLib with several applications is given in our paper Visualizing Maple Plots with JavaViewLib (pdf, 3.5MB).

The predominant feature of the JavaViewLib is the capacity to export Maple generated models into one of two applet based viewers - one optimized for speed, the other for customizability. This greatly enhances the current state of plot object export in Maple - no longer do dynamic plots need to be converted to static images when creating html pages from Maple worksheets. One can also export plot data to a variety of other formats such as VRML or JavaView's own XML format where data can be viewed as a markup tree or further developed upon. Efforts were made to maintain the aesthetic presentation of Maple geometries and their corresponding axes upon export. With JavaViewLib, models created in other applications such as Mathematica, can easily be imported into Maple's viewing environment.

Here are some examples of the integration of Maple and JavaView:

In a Maple worksheet view a plot geometry in JavaView:


plt := plot3d(sin(x*y), x=-3..3, y=-3..3):

View animations in JavaView:

picAnim := animate3d(cos(t*x)*sin(t*y), x=-Pi..Pi, y=-Pi..Pi, t=1..2):

Create a web page displaying a Maple plot in a JavaView applet:

exportHTM(plt, "C:\\temp\\myPage.html");

or directly launch the browser showing a web page with a Maple plot:


The JavaViewLib package is available as Maple Research Powertool.

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