Info Panels

Every geometry (point set, polygon, polygon set, element set) has a so-called Infopanel, which contains information about its geometric properties like number of points, their positions and their connectivity, as well as the name of the geometry, author information and a description. The Infopanel is also the place where you can change this information.

You get the Infopanel of the currently active geometry via menu Inspector --> Geometry --> Info or by pressing Ctrl-i.

All the information above is stored when the geometry is saved in jvx-format. Most other file formats save only the information about geometric positions and connectivity, not the author information and description. See file formats for details.

Info Panels - Common Part

Though every type of geometry has an Infopanel that is a little bit different from the Infopanel of the other types of geometries, they all have a common part where the name of the geometry, author information and a description can be entered.

Author(s) Click to open a dialog where you can type in author information.
Description Click to open a dialog where you can write a description.
Name Give the geometry a name. If you change the text, you must press Enter to make the change effective.

Author Information
Index By choosing different indices you can enter more than one author.
Lastname If you enter author information, you must at least give the last name of the author.
Load You can load author information from a JavaView-Resource file.
Classification Give a classification and/or keywords. Seperate multiple secondary classifications by ;.
Description Enter various types of descriptions here.

Now follow the trail to the Inofpanels of one of the specific geometry types. Do you want to know more about the
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