ColorFunction and ColorFunctionScaling.

Not supported in JavaView. This Example looks similar, as it just shows the surface without any lighting; settings like ColorFunction -> Hue, Lighting -> False just don't work, using settings like ColorFunction -> (RGBColor[Cos[Pi#/2.], .707, Sin[Pi#/2.]] &), Lighting -> False the parser breaks, because inside of RGBColor specifications just numbers are accepted. As the ColorFunction option is not supported, the ColorFunctionScaling option does not work either.
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ColorFunction is an option for various graphics functions which specifies a function to apply to a values to determine the color to use for a particular a, a region. In[1]:= cf = SurfaceGraphics[Table[Sin[x]*Exp[y], {x, -Pi, Pi, Pi/4.}, {y, -E, E, E/4.}], ColorFunction -> Automatic, Lighting -> False];

In[2]:= JavaView[cf]

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