JavaView Registration / Renew License

The standalone version of JavaView requires a simple registration (since version 3.0) by filling out the following form. Without a registration JavaView will be fully functional but display a "missing license" statement in the display. JavaView applets do not require a license.

Fill out the following form to register. To renew a license, please, follow the same steps and register again.
You will obtain a license via email. Note: *-marked fields are required !

Note: Evaluation licenses are valid until the end of a year. Then a simple re-registration extends for following years.

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We assure that all submitted data will be handled confidential and not made available to anybody else. You will not receive any informational mail from us unless you mark the corresponding checkbox.

Note: An evaluation license will be valid until the end of a year. If a license expires simply register again.

Installation of a license

  1. Fill out the above form. Submitting the form will send a license file via email to the given address.
  2. Save the email attachment jv-lic.lic file to your <JavaView>\rsrc\ directory.
  3. Launch the JavaView application, and ensure that the JavaView codebase refers to the directory  <JavaView>.

Note, the JavaView codebase is NOT the codebase of the Java virtual machine and does NOT refer to the JavaView jar archives. Instead, the JavaView codebase refers to the installation directory of JavaView such that JavaView is able to find it resources like images, model files and license file.


If JavaView is installed in c:\Program Files\JavaView\ then copy the license file to

c:\Program Files\JavaView\rsrc\jv-lic.lic

Now invoke JavaView with either of the following alternatives.

1. If JavaView is invoked with the scripts in <JavaView>\bin with

cd c:\Program Files\JavaView\

The codebase is automatically assigned in bin\javaview.bat to c:\Program Files\JavaView and may need to be adjusted to your settings.

2. If JavaView is directly launched using the Sun JVM then call

cd c:\Program Files\JavaView
java -cp jars/javaview.jar;jars/jvx.jar;jars/vgpapp.jar javaview codebase="c:/Programme/JavaView"

- the second command might be broken over two lines! A shortcut to the second command is provided by the UNIX script bin\javaview and by the Windows batch file bin\javaview.bat.
- under UNIX it might be necessary to separate the archive with ':' instead of ';'.

3. If JavaView is launched with the Windows executable <JavaView>\javaview.exe then use

cd c:\Program Files\JavaView

4. JavaView has two command line arguments to assign the JavaView codebase and the location of the license file. The codebase should be an absolute path

javaview codebase="c:\Program Files\JavaView"

The license location must be a relative path, relative to the codebase.

javaview jv-lic="rsrc/jv-lic.lic"

5. JavaView may be invoked from other locations and in many different ways but then the JavaView codebase must be set additional to the codebase setting for the Java virtual machine.

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